Statement of Purpose

Medical Management is a novel industry, a field which has only recently gained recognition. In fact, the medical industry has been subject to strict hierarchical division, where hospitals have been ranked according to its prestigious name values, somewhat deviating from the true meaning of medicine. However, since the mid 2000, the medical industry has faced many new developments like the boom in the plastic surgery sector and active government involvement in promoting medical services as a source of foreign investment, especially in Korea.

However, as a student at School of Nursing, I initially had intentions of dedicating my career as a nurse, living up to its noble cause. Therefore, in school, I enrolled in various courses to build both theoretical and practical medical knowledge as to become a better nurse. But, the more I emerged myself in the field of medicine, the more I pondered whether this was really my professional path. Although I wanted to contribute my services to the medical field, especially providing better services to the needed, I was uncertain whether the ‘assisting role’ of a nurse was what I wanted. Rather than actively serving the public through multifarious capacities, I could only vision myself stuck in a hospital unit, only caring for those who have been admitted to the hospital, and has been diagnosed by the doctor.

While experiencing these uncertainties and instabilities, I first came in contact with the field of medical service and management from a more strategic and business perspective through the enrollment in the Medical Service Marketing and Publicity course. Through this course, I realized that the future for students in the study of medicine was not simply limited to becoming a doctor or a nurse. Rather, remembering the recently publicized news on many traditional medical facilities engaging in active business strategies and marketing to not only to enhance its competitiveness but also provide better medical services to a greater public, I began having interest in the subject. Therefore, I would often consult with my professors and seniors about this new career path, which I had tremendous interest in.

While discussing this field with my academic advisor, I realized that the future of medical business management and marketing was prominent, and I could contribute to the general medical services beyond the scope of an operation room and hospital units. Furthermore, many seniors have expressed great content in their work, as they actively participated in the medical service industry. Therefore, I decided, without hesitation, to explore this career by joining a medical service management corporation upon graduation. However, I soon realized from different sources that having actual medical experiences outside school as well as reinforcing my medical knowledge would give me a competitive edge in this new industry, thus began working at the Health Promotion Center of Ewha Womans University Hospital.

At Ewha Womans University Hospital, I gained firsthand experience of the medical world. In fact, the reality was much more complex than what I had expected, and anyone, without actual knowledge of the medical field, would put future clients and patients in grave danger. Therefore, I tried my utmost best to gain as much experience as I can as a nurse, working around chaotic shifts. Upon completing my contractual period at Ewha Womans University Hospital, I did not extend my contract but applied to the National Cancer Center, where I would have more accessibility and involvement in the medical management businesses.

The National Cancer Center was very much different from my previous position. First, as a government facility, the entire medical staff seemed to lack the energy: there was a strong bureaucratic flavor in the hospital, and everyone was simply committed to their prescribed functionalities, not concerned with how to better the service or competitiveness of the center. Then came an opportunity that reinforced my determination to seek a career in the medical service management industry. I was responsible for give a presentation on effectuating the treatment of cancer patients. During the process, I not only highlighted the medical issues, but also suggested recommendation to increase customer satisfaction and center competitiveness through different managerial and service mechanisms. This was a great success in educating the staff in the importance of medical service management, but more importantly, it helped me to identify aspects of the industry which I required future understanding and knowledge. Therefore, upon recognition of these needs, I decided to pursue my studies in graduate school to better qualify myself to dedicate my service to the public as a medical service manager and operator.

First and foremost, I would like to expand my theoretical knowledge on health marketing in graduate school. This in return help me to pave the necessary foundation to better understand the history and current issues faced by the health industry as well as better prepare for the future. In fact, expanding my understanding of the current trend and issues of health care management in advanced and newly advancing countries would serve as a role model for the newly emerging markets like Korea. Furthermore, I would like to acquire the necessary knowledge from a strategic management perspective, to better operate the medical service industry from an actor perspective.

In addition, I look forward to familiarizing myself with various managerial perspectives, governing the organizational structures to not only better attract and provide medical services to the public but also add efficiency to the overall management and administration of the health service providing agencies. Finally, acquisition of these theoretical and practical knowledge will be imperative and essential as I am scheduled to embark on my professional career as a medical and health consultant upon successful completion of the graduate program, where I am going to be responsible for the general management and administrative affairs of hospitals in Korea upon completion of my graduate program.

Upon successful completion of the graduate program, I would like to return to Korea and embark a new career in the medical industry as a health consultant or in a managerial position for the management and marketing of Korean hospitals. I believe that my previous experiences as a nurse, coupled with the theoretical and practical knowledge gained through the graduate program will help me to optimize the service provided to the public as well as maximizing the management of hospitals in the medical industry. Furthermore, if given the opportunity, I would like to utilize my experiences to expand the services and enhance the competitiveness of medical facilities in the silver sector, as aging will become one of the demanding issues and problems faced by all nations alike in the future.